BreakingLands Wiki

Clans are an optional selection in this game, but it is strongly recommended that the player join a clan, as collaboration is a very important aspect of this game.

What is a Clan?

Clans are groups of players that compete with other clans to get the most experience. Members of clans have a private chat for socializing with each other and are able to donate troops to each other. Within a clan there are four ranks, recruit, privatecaptain, and general. Including the general, you can have up to 50 members in a clan. 

Clan Castle

To join a clan you must first repair your Clan Castle. Once your Clan Castle has been repaired you have the option of joining a clan.


General of clans are the ones who have the big responsibility of managing their clan. The leader has the administrative authority to invite players to join their clan, accept or decline requests and promote and demote members.


A member is an ordinary part of the clan and has no additional rights. This is the rank you start at when you join a clan. Members cannot invite or promote and may be kicked by elders, co-leaders, or the leader.

Making a new Clan

To make a clan, the player must do the following:

  1. Rebuild their Clan Castle.
  2. Choose the symbol and name of the clan.
  3. Select the status of the clan, i.e.; free or closed.
  4. Set the amount of trophies required to join the clan (this field can be left blank and the default will be 0).

Editing Your Clan Only the general of the clan may edit the Symbol, Clan Type, Minimum trophy requirement and Clan Description of the Clan. It is not possible to change the name of a clan.

Clan Types

Free This is a type of clan where anyone can join. Even if anyone is able to join, you have to have the number of trophies that the clan requires.

Closed  You are not allowed to join the clan at this time.

Minimum Personal Rating

This may be adjusted from 0-4000.  It will stop players of a lower trophy count from joining, but will hopefully attract higher levels. A player of a lower trophy count may join if invited by an elder, co-leader, or leader of the clan. The minimum trophy requirement can be increased by increments of 100 from 0 to 4000. Anyone without the required amount of trophies cannot join the clan but clan members or elders which are below the trophy requirement will not be kicked from the clan (unless a leader, co-leader, or elder does so). An elder cannot kick another elder.