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"These huge clusters of cannonballs, capable of downing a dragon in mid-flight, scatter and inflict terrible damage."

  • Summary
    • is the last and the most powerful shell unlocked from the Big Bertha.
    • The Dragon Shot is a shell loaded with buckshot. It damages all Buildings and enemy Troops randomly (but within a circle of 7 tiles in radius). The most damage is done to the area where the spell is dropped.

  • Offensive Strategy
    • The Dragon Shot is very similar to Dynamite Stick but it has greater damage and has larger radius.
    • You can use it bot for destroying enemies groups of buildings and looting resources from banks and mints.
    • It is also very useful to take out enemy Clan Castle Troops.
    • It can be used to destroy Mortars, or at least damage them significantly due to their relatively low hitpoints.
    • It can be very useful if you need to just destroy a building to get a star.
Level Damage Grain1.pngBuild Cost Lab Level Grain1.pngUpgrade Cost Research Time
1 300 90,000 N/A N/A N/A
2 375 97,000 17 2,000,000, 5 d
3 450 104,000 18 4,000,000 7 d
4 525 111,000 19 6,000,000 10 d
5 600 118,000 20 8,000,000 14 d
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