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"A legendary flying ship. Terrorize enemies with it's mighty appearance and a threat of a sudden crash landing."

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Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
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  • Summary
    • The Dutchman is a flying unit and is capable of attacking both ground and air units. Unlike the Zeppelin, the Dutchman has both ranged and splash damage, like the Sea Wolf.
    • Also unlike the Zeppelin the Flying Dutchman does not target a specific Building to attack; he targets whatever is nearest.
    • A Flying Dutchman does short-range splash damage when he attacks. This can only be noticed when used against Clan Castle Troops and Walls.

  • Offensive Strategy
    • Most Dutchman strategies involve taking out as many Scorpios as possible with other units, as it is a significant weakness to this powerful unit.
    • A good strategy involves a mix of Flying Dutchmen and Zeppelins. Flying Dutchmen can suck up fire from Scorpios and Watch Towers while Zeppelins go straight for the Defensive Buildings, though this is a very costly strategy.
    • Dutchmen are mostly used to get Trophies as their high cost doesn't make them great candidates for resource raiding.
  • Defensive Strategy
    • Dutchmen are one of the most powerful Troops in the game, and as such it can be difficult to defend against them. Multiple high-level Scorpios are critical for success against Dutchmen; make sure that your Scorpios are behind your primary line of defense so that they cannot be taken out early in the battle.
    • Dutchmen are wonderful Clan Castle Troops. As a flying unit, the Dragon is completely immune to attacks from most ground troops, and his splash damage capability makes it especially suited for destroying groups of Grunts and Pillagers. His high health also helps him survive attacks from even multiple Musketeers or Sea Wolfs (although a large group of either will usually be enough to destroy the Dutchman).

Level Damage Hitpoints Grain1.png Training Cost Grain1.png Research Cost Lab Level Required Research Time
1 210 1000 15000 N/A N/A N/A
2 250 1100 17000 2,000,000 10 5 d
3 290 1200 20000 2,500,000 13 6 d
4 335 1300 23000 3,500,000 17 7 d
5 375 1500 25000 5,000,000 19 8 d
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