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"Remember to check the length of the fuse before throwing to avoid it accidentally exploding in midair"

  • Summary
    • The Dynamite Stick is the second shell unlocked from the Big Bertha
    • When this shell is used a big iron ball drop from the 'sky', damaging 1 tile.
    • Dynamite Stick needs 2 energy points.

  • Offensive Strategy
    • The use of  Dynamite Stick is the same as the Hammer has, but it deals splash damage, so it is a good strategy to drop it in the area of closely spaced buildings. 
    • Since the damage of  Dynamite Stick is not very high, you can use it to reduce health points of a group of buildings. 
    • It can be used to destroy Mortars, or at least damage them significantly due to their relatively low hitpoints.
    • It can be very useful if you need to just destroy a building to get a star.
    • Dynamite Stick are usually used to take out or damage Defenses with relatively low hit-points.

Level Damage Grain1.pngBuild Cost Lab Level Grain1.pngUpgrade Cost Research Time
1 75 18,000 N/A N/A N/A
2 110 21,000 2 125,000 1 d
3 150 24,000 6 600,000 2 d
4 200 27,000 11 1,200,000 4 d
5 250 30,000 16 2,400,000 7 d
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