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Hero troops are the most powerful troops in the game. They are immortal, meaning you only have to train them once. However, if they have been defeated they must regenerate in order to fight again.

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Barbar.png Bomber.png Engineer.png
Illusionist.png Knight.png Medico.png
Necromancer.png Shaman.png Archer.png

There are 12 types of heroes in the game. Heroes dwell in Hero Halls - special section in the Town Hall. You can buy new heroes in the relevant section in the shop. You need a Hero Palace to deploy any of your heroes. When a hero placed at base, he participates in the defense of the base. It activates as soon as an enemy troop appears in the range of Parade Ground.

  • Summary
    • Heroes have special upgrading system. They have 'perfection levels' (1-20 lvl, 21-40 lvl etc.) Reaching the top of any perfection level, you need to buy next levels for recourses.
    • Heroes have active and passive skills. Active skills can be upgraded by using training dolls or fighting with other heroes. To improve passive skill you have to use DKP/
    • Heroes have 5 levels of rarity (white, green, blue, violet, orange).
    • When attacking, heroes can be deployed just like any other unit. When their health is lowered they must sleep to recharge before he can be used again. The regeneration time is directly proportional to how much health they must recover. They may be instantly brought up to full health with Crowns.
    • All heroes are displayed in the Hero Hall. It can be opened from the Town Hall.
    • Heroes have artifacts, that can be upgraded.