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"In case of danger, an electrified pin rises from the ground. Deals electrical damage. Effective against goliaths."

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  • Summary
    • The Hidden Tesla is a defensive building with a twist: it stays hidden and only appears when a ground or air unit gets close. However, unlike a Trap, it does not have to be rearmed after being deployed.
    • Once the Hidden Tesla is revealed, it will stay visible and attack units out to its maximum range until it is destroyed.
    • The Tesla deals the most damage of any defensive building that can target both ground and air units.

  • Defensive Strategy
    • The main advantage of the Hidden Tesla is that it is (hopefully) a surprise. Capitalize on that. A well-placed Hidden Tesla can wreak havoc on an attacker's offensive strategy.
    • Unfortunately many players design their villages such that it has only as many 2x2 open spaces as it has Hidden Teslas available, which makes it obvious where they are located. Instead, try to make sure that there are a few different places where Hidden Teslas could be lurking.
    • Be cautious when upgrading the Hidden Tesla as this will reveal its location to future attackers. Combat this by relocating it during the upgrade period.
    • Make sure to place your Hidden Tesla in a space where Troops cannot be placed, as Troops can be placed on a Hidden Tesla.
  • Offensive Strategy
    • Before attacking, look for obvious places where a Hidden Tesla might be located and avoid them. Hidden Teslas will only activate when Troops come close to them. If one happens to trigger, keep in mind that it has a low range. If you cannot destroy it easily, avoid deploying more Troops near it if possible, as Hidden Teslas can put out high amounts of damage.
    • If you see a 2x2 empty square space surrounded by Walls, it is very likely that a Hidden Tesla has been placed there.
    • One Brute and a few Musketeers can quite easily destroy a Hidden Tesla, as it has relatively low health.
    • Some people have free places inside Walls, but place a Hidden Tesla to deceive the enemy.

  • Trivia
    • It is not a trap. Some people think it is a trap, but they're permanent structures and you don't need to rearm it even if it is destroyed.
    • The Hidden Tesla gets its name and appearance from the Tesla Coil, invented by the scientist Nikola Tesla.
    • Brutes and Zeppelins will not target a Tesla until it is revealed, even if all other defenses are destroyed. 
    • The Hidden Tesla is the only defense that preferentially targets one unit type (Goliath).
    • The Hidden Tesla can be spawned onto, if it is in a 3x3 square. Placing a troop into the spawn hole will cause the Hidden Tesla to pop up and start attacking.

Level Hitpoints Damage Icon coin1.png Build Cost Experience Gained Build Time Town Hall Level Required
1 600 20 600000 2880 2 d 11
2 620 21 700000 3180 2 d 5 h 12
3 640 24 900000 3900 2 d 17 h 13
4 660 28 1100000 4800 3 d 8 h 14
5 680 31 1300000 5640 3 d 22 h 15
6 700 34 1500000 6480 4 d 12 h 16
7 730 38 1800000 7320 5 d 2 h 17
8 760 42 2200000 8220 5 d 17 h 18
9 780 47 2500000 8940 6 d 5 h 19
10 810 52 3500000 10080 7 d 20
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