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"A filled to the top cast-iron siege bomb is the main enemy of all castle walls in the Archipelago. Just roll it and run for your live"

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  • Summary
    • The Siege Bomb is a wooden ball with a bomb-timer embedded in it.   
    • The Siege Bomb attacks by locating the nearest protected building and destroying its protective Wall by blowing itself. It deals splash damage around its target and deals 40x damage to Walls.
    • Upon dealing damage, Rolling Bombs will perish (regardless if they damage a Wall, building or enemy Troop).
    • Siege Bombs will continue attacking any Wall until all are gone, even if you put it far away from a Wall.

  • Offensive Strategy

    • Siege Bombs destroy Walls faster than any other unit and make gaps for other units such as Brutes to enter the opponent's base.
    • Siege Bombs will look for the nearest building/turret that is trapped (fully or partially) by Walls and target any Wall that is trapping them.
    • Siege Bombs cost a significant amount of Grain and, due to their low health, spamming Siege Bombs result in many losses. To combat this, one or two Brutes may be placed first to distract the nearby defensive structures. Siege Bombs can then be used to target Walls without being fired upon.
    • Brutes and Siege Bombs make an excellent team: The Brutes distract and in return the Rolling Bombs destroy the wall. Then the Brutes can move in successfully. All possible with teamwork.
    • Once Siege Bombs have destroyed a protecting Wall(s), the remaining Siege Bombs will proceed to destroy the protecting inner Walls.
    • Wall  Siege Bombs have small amounts of health so use them wisely.
    • Before you deploy  Siege Bombs, place a couple Grunts or Brutes to soak up hits so the  Siege Bombs don't die before they explode. It is helpful to place the Grunts or Brutes a short distance away from the target Wall so that splash damage from a Mortar or Watch Tower won't catch the Rolling Bombs as well.
    • Siege Bombs do splash damage, so it can also be used to finish off buildings close to the Walls.
  • Defensive Strategy
    • Siege Bombs will not target a Wall unless it can see a building behind it.
    • Note that Siege Bombs will not target single Walls. There needs to be at least 3 connected Walls for a Rolling Bombs to target it, and it must be protecting a building fully or partially.
    • Having double layers of Walls is ineffective vs. Siege Bombs, as Siege Bombs deal splash damage that will destroy both layers of Walls.

  • Trivia
    • If there are no Walls and you deploy a Siege Bomb, it will run to the nearest building and blow itself up. However, it will do much less damage to the building compared to what it can do against Walls.
Level Damage Hitpoints Grain1.png Training Cost Grain1.png Research Cost Lab Level Required Research Time
1 12 20 1000 N/A N/A N/A
2 16 25 1500 100,000 5 1 d
3 24 32 2200 250,000 8 3 d
4 39 40 2800 1,200,000 11 5 d
5 60 54 3500 5,200,000 16 12 d
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