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Troops are used against either the enemies on the campaign map, or other players in order to win Trophies and loot Gold and Grain - this is called raiding. Troops are created in Barracks and are stored in Parade Grounds. There are ten different types of troops.

Players should note that troops can be upgraded in the Lab. Tier 1 and Tier 2 receive a major graphic change at every new level. As troops are upgraded they become more powerful, but also cost more resources to train.

  • Tier 3 troops (Vertibirds, Dutchmen, and Goliaths) are extremely powerful and are a valuable part of a very powerful army, being able to to overwhelm defenses easily. However, they are extremely expensive in terms of Grain cost.
  • Shells are created in the Big Bertha. Upgrade your Big Bertha to get more shells and to be able to hold more shells.
Tier 1 GruntMusketeerPillager
Tier 2 BruteSiege BombZeppelinSea Wolf
Tier 3 VertibirdDutchmanGoliath
Bertha Shells HammerDynamite StickElectric BugsWonder RemedySharkDragon Shot